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  • I am getting ready to show my site to the rest of the web, but before I do, I would appreciate some feedback from the rest of the WP community.

    This is really only the second theme that I have tweaked from the original to make it my own. I think it has its own flare, what do you think?

    I have a poll on the site that you can use to rate the theme or you can leave your comments here. Please drop by and let me know what you think.

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  • whooami



    i give it a 0.

    You are also breaking the trademark restrictions discussed here:

    You bought that domain rather recently (Creation 22-apr-2007) to have not located that info first.




    ok, i looked again – actually your theme is ok, i actually like the colors.

    but still.. the copyright thing.

    I owe a good deal of ppl here an open-ended apology, as I am currently going through a terribly stressful time in my life (the most stressful so far, in fact) and am having a hard time not lashing out at ‘innocent bystanders’. I truly and honestly apologize. I will work on reminding myself that the people here are not responsible for my current pain.

    STB and FMR. TJFS.

    I did not know that.
    Thanks for bringing that to my attention.
    I meant no disrespect.

    Just so everyone knows what you are referring to without clicking your link:

    For various reasons related to our WordPress trademark, we ask if you’re going to start a site about WordPress or related to it that you not use “WordPress” in the domain name. We’re not lawyers, but very good ones tell us we have to do this to preserve our trademark.

    We’ve told this to anyone who has ever asked us, we just wanted to make it public so more people could be aware of this policy.

    Any suggestion what to do now, or are you going to just rain on my parade and not offer me an umbrella?




    contacting Matt would be what I would do. I dont know what else you might do but ask.

    Is it safe to presume you mean Matthew Mullenweg?




    yes, tis him

    Along these lines: how does the WP community feel about

    They say they’re “In friendly support to the WordPress project”

    I put an (additional) icon link to them on my site, but if there are politics to this, I’d be interested to know.




    Matt has outlined how he feels and his expectation.

    wp != wordpress

    The word “wordpress” is trademarked. It’s not really a political issue as much as it’s branding issue. That aside, we all link to whatever we want to; why bother with politics? 🙂

    It was suggested to me that I could put a disclaimer in the footer of my site such as this: WordPress is a registered trademark of Automattic Inc. This website is not affiliated with or sponsored by Automattic or the WordPress open source project.
    I have done so.

    The following is an excerpt from an email response I received from Matt:

    Just replace “wordpress” with “wp” in your domain and redirect to the new one.

    Matt Mullenweg

    Please bare with me. I am very close to finishing a new theme and I will complete the redirect, and announce the new domain here shortly.

    I have completed a new theme and I have used a 301 redirect to redirect the little traffic I have to my new site

    I hope you like the new theme.

    If you are looking for a WordPress theme I hope you find one that that you like.

    If you are a theme designer please submit your theme for inclusion in the collection.

    “STB and FMR. TJFS.”

    Scottish Tourism Board?
    Fragile Mental Retardation?
    Tampa Jewish Family Services?

    Less acro-speak, please. ; )

    The acronyms were used to protect the innocent.
    You can use the letters in Scottish to make the word I used.
    The “u” in Tourism will help make another.

    Um, my brain no work so good. Think you could dumb that down a bit farther?

    (Is there an IM or e-mail me privately thing?)

    Yeah, I’m dying to know.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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