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  • Plugin Author Don Fischer


    I will look into it and post me findings back here.

    Plugin Author Don Fischer


    Ok – here is the issue:
    Some newer items on Amazon do not use regular images, but instead use what are called image sets. These are the products that don’t show the image for the plugin because the plugin called from the standard image fields in the XML file – which do not exist for these products.

    There is no easy solution for the current version of the plugin, but we have addressed this in our latest development version. If anyone wants to try it out, it should be stable to use in a production environment and has quite a few enhancements (which I will try to spell out below). The link is:

    Here are some of the major enhancements:

    • New shortcode implementation. The new shortcode is
      (where XXXXXXXXXX is the ASIN). You can use up to 10 ASINs per shortcode, separated by a comma.
    • New Shortcode parameters. Witht he new shortcode comes new options. The options are:
      • asin – the Amazon ASIN (up to 10 comma sep). Required
      • locale – the amazon locale, i.e.,, es. Optional. This is handy of you need a product from a different locale than your default one.
      • gallery – use a value of 1 to show extra photos if a product has them. optional
      • partner_id – your amazon partner id. optional. default is the one in the options. You can set a different one here if you have a different one for another locale or just want to split them up between multiple ids.
      • private_key – amazon private key. optional. Default is one set in options. You can set a different one if needed for another locale.
      • public_key -amazon public key. optional. Default is one set in options. You can set a different one if needed for another locale.
      • desc – Show Amazon Description. optional. Default is 0 – set to 1 to show if it is available. NOTE – not all products have a public description that is available through the API.
      • features – Show Product features. optional. Default is 0 – set to 1 to show if it is available. Products like Video Games usually have features.
      • listprice – Show Amazon Price. optional. Default is 1 – set to 0 to hide pricing (this is a common request).

      The minimum required options are just ASIN.
      An example would be:
      [AMAZONPRODUCTS asin="B0000C9WI2,B000IHJF60" desc=1 features=1 listprice=0 partner_id="myotherid-20" gallery=1 locale="com"]
      That would show 2 products with features (if avail), description (if avail), image gallery (if avail) and no pricing – from the site.

    • New editor shortcode button. This is in development, but for now you can click the ‘amazon A’ button in the editor buttons to add a shortcode which prompts for the ASINs.
    • Gallery Feature – only available when using shortcode for now (see the shortcode parameter gallery above).
    • Amazon Description and Features items added – only available when using shortcode for now (see the shortcode parameter desc and features above).
    • More amazon elements – this is for a future enhancement, but this version updates the API response list to include all possible API elements for an item (as of 2/1/13). This will make it easier to add items for users that want to customize the layout – again in a future update.
    • Updated deprecated calls and levels.

    If anyone does test this and has an issue – please let me know via Be sure to let me know the issue, your WordPress version and anything else – like a description of what you tried to resolve the problem before contacting me (otherwise I may tell you to try something you already tried).


    Help! I’m also having the same problem. With the amazon product in a plugin. All the products on my post displays no image. When I go to options and reset it, the images will be displayed. But when I add my affiliate id, it will say no image display and there is also this thing with () below the image.

    Plugin Author Don Fischer


    jonathanbautista19 –
    Can you tell me what version of the plugin you are using and WordPress version?

    Additionally, what locale are you using for your plugin (i.e., .com,, etc.) and what product asin?

    One thing worth noting is that the ASIN needs to be for the locale – meaning you can’t put a product on a page when you have the locale of .com – as the product may not be available in a certain location and/or the ASIN may not be the same product in both cases.

    Hi Don,

    thank’s for your answer and sorry that I didn’t have the time to test it earlier! I just installed the new beta version and it works fine.

    You can see the result (all product images are displayed now) here:


    I also experienced blank images and then I realized that I had to register for the Affiliate API. You can do this via your Affiliate page when logging in to Amazon. After you have registered for the Affiliate API, the images should be visible.

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