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    Randomly changing capital letters to small letters in featured images when importing.

    Image-200-250.jpg is renamed to image-200-250.jpg and it is not working.

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    Hi @mllapan – just to clarify what you mean…

    Is the filename of images changing when the import takes place?

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    Hi, jordesign.

    I did not import images with importer.

    I put wp-content into fresh WordPress files, and imported xml without importing images.

    Files and xml coming from same database, so it was not problem before.

    I solved it with Regenerate Thumbnails, now small letters work too, but it is weird and should not be this way.

    xml export should keep capitalization settings, which it does and it does not.

    Some featured images are correctly exported with capitalization, and some are not.

    It might be due to some memory or something woth host, but, I think it is better to make plugin break the export in such process, then to have user thinking he got backup, and he is getting really weird backup.

    I am not sure what went wrong, but for example image-good.jpg would not work, because file name is Image-Good.jpg, while in other case it works.

    Once I regenerate with plugin, image-good.jpg and Image-Good.jpg works, but it is still wrongly attached in featured image, it is in small letter and original file has capital starting letters.

    I also used litespeed cache image optimization before, not sure if it is somehow connected.

    Thank you for the additional details and the workaround you used, @mllapan.

    In order to confirm this is coming from the Importer plugin and not from a server configuration or a conflict with another plugin, could you try to replicate the import using a different hosting or service (instawp.io for instance).

    Thank you!

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    Import was done in local environment, using XAMPP.

    XAMPP with php 8.2, is it compatible with Importer Plugin and WordPress.

    Any possible reasons that XAMPP could be a problem?

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    This is solved.
    Problem is LiteSpeed image optimization.
    I will start discussion on their support forum.

    I see, thank you for confirming this and for opening a separate thread in the correct place, @mllapan. I will mark this one as resolved.

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