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  • Hi guys,

    The plugin works very well, but each day we get a few emails not sent due to timeout:

    > has timed out

    Can we workaround this?
    I set as fallback the same SMTP configuration as the main one, is this OK as a retry?


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  • Vovi


    I asked the exact same thing on another thread –

    I have modofoed by SPF record, but so far im still seeing the issue, but it might be timing, so im going to wait and see.



    Changing SPF didnt fix it for me ….. How about you?



    Random timout can be web hosting issue, some security apps can block the connection.

    Just to be clear, the plugin is like a driver on the road – if the road is clear the driving will end with no issues.

    If something is disturbing the drive (bad road, traffic), it’s not the driver fault.



    I have this happening on two sites (two different servers – two different hosts and no security plugins.). The only common denominator is the plugin and Office365

    I understand what you are sayng, but it doesnt help me. I need to sort this. Is there any debugging I can do to try to understand what is happening?

    The one I’m particularly worried about is a beast of a server and is never under load. The site sends about 500 emails a day and one in about 50 will timeout for no apparant reason.

    Im completely stuck



    We have had similiar issues with sending from our domain to a Microsoft Exchange Server since some time. The emails were only for internal use so we set the from email to a none existing mail account (e.g.

    Others have confirmed to us that the fake address may be the reason of the problems.

    Now we have changed the from address to an actual existing mail account. As the changes have been applied just today I can not yet tell if this works. But this maybe helpful as a hint to a possible reason.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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