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  • eveningoflight


    I love the look and feel of the WP-Cumulus tag sphere, but I experience the same problem as another user a few months back; since the sphere is tied to the WP-generated tag cloud, it shows little rotation of different tags.

    It would be nice if the tags displayed in Cumulus could be (optionally) randomised, so as to display a customisable number of random tags, which are renewed on each page load. If that would be possible, I could use the tag sphere as great way to encourage visitors of my site to discover older posts on a random basis.


    Evening of Light

    P.S. We now use a random tag cloud plugin widget which has the same functionality, but a more basic look.

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  • Roy Tanck


    Have you tried using order=RAND in the wp_tag_cloud parameters? If you’re on WP 2.5, that might do the trick. But then again it might also just randomize the same tags. I haven’t tried it myself, so I’d love to hear whether it worked for you or not.

    It seems to randomise the structure of the sphere somewhat, for some reason, but not the tags themselves – still the same selection. I’m using WP 2.8.5, by the way.

    Hi eveningoflight, I didn’t understand: on the first line you say you love WP-CUMULUS but that you’re having a problem and on the last line of your post you advice us to use the same WP-CUMULUS as an option?

    Anyway, I am using the exactly widget and version linked with your last line and having the same problem. I tried to do as roytanck said, but I am not sure if I did right because it didn’t work.

    As I’m not sure how to edit html (or where to locate and write the ‘order=RAND’ ) I used the WP-Cumulus widget options box that opens for me. The last line is written ‘wp_tag_cloud parameters:’ and has an empty box below it.

    So I wrote and saved on the empty box:


    But nothing changed – What am I doing wrong?

    Could anybody help?


    festinhabobanoape, please don’t post this same request in several threads at once.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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