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  • Something is setting an in-line margin-top style of the footer, probably some JavaScript code that is trying to make sure there’s room for some element. For the “That was Close” page, it’s getting set to 934px. For the “Your Life Purpose” page, it’s set to 820px. I don’t know if a plugin, like JetPack, is doing it (to make room for the Popular Posts Tabbed Widget in the sidebar?) or if it’s one of the AdSense sections you have above the footer. I would try first disabling JetPack to see if that clears the problem, and then try taking out the AdSense code if that doesn’t work. If neither of those work, try disabling the rest of your plugins.

    Thank you for your methodical suggestions. I have discovered the culprit. There is apparently some complex interaction going on with the Popular Posts Tabbed Widget and the length of the post. If I make the post longer (or the widget shorter) the issue resolves. This may also be affected by the quirky way 2013 handles the sidebar/footer overlap.

    I’ve temporarily resolved the problem by moving the footer content to the sidebar and don’t intend to pursue it further. I’m overdue for a redesign anyway. WP was supposed to make life simpler, I swear, one day I’m going back to hand-coding html and using tables for layout. You kids get off my lawn.

    Haha, just make sure you don’t use tables for layout if you want your site to be responsive on tablets & smartphones, use DIVs with a CSS grid.

    WordPress has made my coding a lot simpler, you just run into plugin incompatibilities every so often. You’d think, though, that a theme developed by the WordPress development team wouldn’t have a problem with a plugin developed by WordPress.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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