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    Hi, the free version of the plugin worked great apart from some order numbers were replaced by random numbers after importing and avoiding duplicate orders. The orders were still all imported and in the correct order though. The replacement numbers were all higher than the latest order if that helps at all?

    For Example here’s the order numbers as they appear in the list:

    8551 has become 8581
    8550 > 8582
    8549 > 8583
    8534 > 8584

    I can’t figure out why this would happen as there’s no pattern that I can see?

    Help appreciated, thanks!

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  • Hi @ljoelm,

    If there are some posts with the same ID as the ones you tried to import exists in your site, those orders will be imported with the next available ID. They will be skipped only if the importing ID exists for another order, to avoid overwriting.

    Reach us via support if you need any assistance.

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    Hi @mujeebur,

    Thanks for your reply. I’ll live with the orders as they are now but just wanted to get an answer in case I need to use the plugin in the future.

    I’ve exported from a recent version of the same site and imported into an older version to update the orders. So, existing ID’s should have been skipped – most of them have been but random order numbers have changed?

    Hi @ljoelm,

    Existing IDs will skip, only if they are orders. If the IDs are present in the site for some other type of posts, like images, products or articles etc, those order will be import with next available ID generated according to the auto-increment settings in WP database.

    Please reach us via support for further clarification, if needed.

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