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  • Hi,
    I’m trying to reach this sort of application (IDK better way to explain it):

    1. User get logged in;
    2. User insert a promotional code, and validates;
    3. It is picked 5 between all questions (or quizz), randomly. And quiz this user didn’t take.
    4. In adittion, i want to show a block of “already taken quiz”, listing at least the question and the status (correct, 100% right or passed) of… “already taken quiz”;
    5. Since he can take 1 quiz and leave the application, i want to store all the quiz he was able to answer (picked randomly above), but he didn’t;
    6. He get points;
    7. See ranking;
    8. bla bla

    Ok, so in the 3ยบ step im stuck.

    I was thinking about creating a category page, and manipulating its template to print the tokken (and its tricky, cause apparently i can’t input the quiz ID), randomly, based on if the user answered the question (wich i couldn’t find where it says he did).
    After that pulling some quizz he is… “authorized” to take (wich i dont know how to pull out without creating a new column in the “all_results” table, and [hardly] manipulating the plugin so it doesn’t conflict with other instances).
    And after that a block listing all the taken quizz (if i manage to do above i can query for that).

    SO… any hints, tricks, magic books, demon summon ritual i should perform?

    *Amazing plugin BTW

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