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  • I really hope someone can help me with my site My WordPress is stored in the folder /trivia/ and it’s always worked perfectly well.

    I upgraded to version 2.0 from 1.5 last week and found the permalinks weren’t working at all. I decided to forget 2.0 after fiddling with it for a few days and downgraded back to 1.5. I had made a backup of my databse and installed everything from my backup but my pages are still not working properly. Occassionally they’re ok, but I often get random 404s. Sometimes if I refresh the 404 page the page is OK, but sometimes it stays a 404.

    My site has over 1000 members and a lot of them are having problems accessing the site, particularly from bookmarks they’ve made. Some of them can access the site fine.

    Help! The problem doesn’t seem to be constant at all – sometimes links work and sometimes they don’t. Is there anmything I can do?

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  • It looks like the settings for what directory WordPress actually is in are wrong. For example, on the homepage you link to above, some links point to a higher-level directory, which is impossible.

    Hi – the homepage linked to above is not the home page of my WordPress directory, which is

    The page I linked to above is the only page which is reliably working at the moment so I’ve put links to the main WordPress pages used on it.

    Can anyone help at all? Is this an issue with my WordPress downgrade or do you think it’s my host? I think it’s WordPress as I’ve never had a problem with my host before and these issues began when I first upgraded to 2.0. Any help would be gratefully accepted as I feel at the moment as though a few years of work on my site is getting lost.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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