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    As people have posted, when you have random order and pagination, you get repeated items and it sorts each page.

    I’ve read the support items on this and tried all snippets of code on various sites, but nothing I’ve done has been able to fix this with my theme – simply doesn’t do anything to fix the problem.

    I decided to just accept that there will be repeats, but then I realized a bigger problem I cant really live with – to make up for the repeated items, other products go missing.

    Example, I have 36 products. 4 of them are repeats. When I get to the end of my pages, Instead of showing me 40 products of which 4 are repeats, it still only shows 36 items, meaning the customer never sees these missing items! – this is very bad for sales of course.

    Can this problem be fixed even if the repeats cant (of course both would be best!)

    best, R

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  • Plugin Author Beka Rice


    Hey R, the missing products occur for the same reason repeats occurs — WordPress doesn’t know what products have been shown already because it’s basically re-randomizing with each page. I’m afraid that random sorting is something we’re going to remove from the plugin as a result (providing a snippet instead).

    I would recommend either changing your shop to show all products on one page (our WooCommerce Customizer could help there), or randomized sorting would need to be customized with the help of a developer.


    Thank you for your answer. question: if I have it load as one page, at what point does it become too much, ie. how many products? Or does it not really affect anything performance wise as it will load as people are looking at the first items? What if you have more than 100, or 200, etc?



    Plugin Author Beka Rice


    Hey R, in my experience, up to 100 products or so is just fine, but this depends on your hosting environment and some other factors (ie if anything else is running queries on the shop page).

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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