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  • I just re-installed WordPress from scratch after a bad hardware failure (where I learned the lesson not to run my mirrored backup drive off the same circuit as my production system during a thunderstorm 🙁 ).

    Everything seems to work OK using the default template theme-wise, but if I load any of a number of themes from the web, I get what appears to be a random number up at the top of the screen. This happens both in IE and Firefox. Sometimes it’s centered and sometimes it’s left-aligned (as it is in the current theme).

    Any idea what this is and how to get rid of it?

    Take a look at


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  • Update:

    When I went home last night and looked at the page on my home boxes that run Mandriva Linux, the pages look fine. Thus the problem *seems* to only occur with the Windows XP boxes I use at work.

    I changed theme, and the number is now at the top of the page.


    I’m having the same issue on latest wordpress (2.1.3). Haven’t tried viewing the page on a machine other than WinXP, but I have determined that it only happens when there is more than just a little content on the page. If I have approximately 15 or more photos on the page (in one post or spread out over multiple posts), the error occurs, but wont when there is less content. I’m not sure what the threshold here is, but its 10-15 photos from what I have seen. I have done a fresh install of wordpress and that did not help. I have tried multiple themes, which also did not help. In addition to the random number at the top of the page, sometimes a random number will show up in the sidebar in various spots. The numbers seem to only change as the content on the page changes. The test site I’m working with is , any help or ideas would be appreciated.

    This is something specific to your browser or computer or proxy or something. I see no random numbers at the top of that page.

    Other people have brought this up in these forums before, and nobody but them was able to see these numbers. They switched browsers and the problem went away.

    It may be some Firefox extension you are running.

    Happens in both IE and Firefox here, as well as lynx from a linux terminal (and that lynx was being run from both the same machine the website is run on, and from another seperate linux host). This happens with larger amounts of content on the page, but doesnt with less content on the page. This is definitely a wordpress issue. It is happening on 3 seperate internet hosts, 3 seperate browsers, and goes away when wordpress content is reduced.

    Ok after further searching, I finally found:

    and the bug report (with solution) at:

    Worked for me, hopefully it will fix you up too billo. Turns out the problem is indeed wordpress, but only when viewed through a proxy server (and perhaps lynx too? The terminals I used lynx on were not through a proxy). WordPress currently always sends HTTP/1.1 even when 1.0 is requested.

    Huh. I never would have figured that one out.

    I would also recommend talking to whomever is in charge of your network and try to get them to update your proxy to a newer one. HTTP 1.1 has been around since 1997, and has been official since 1999. Using 7-9 year old gear is a bit silly. 😉

    Apparently squid still uses HTTP/1.0 sometimes or something. Don’t know why or how old it is, don’t much care. 🙂 The network I’m on right now is at work, so its of little interest to me. I’m not even a fan of proxy servers anyway. But as a side note, you must be on a network using a similar 1.0 proxy server to have been having these same issues. 😉 Glad its resolved though. Hopefully they will eventually integrate the fix into future versions of WordPress.

    Thanks for the replies. I made the change. I’ll check tomorrow and see if it fixes things.


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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