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  • These are characters that are misinterpreted by the borwser, probably foreign characters. The solution would be to have a UTF-8 character encoding ( Unicode ).

    okie, so what does that mean. what do i need to do?
    and the a’s show up where there were originally spaces.

    Oops! Not foreign characters then.
    I’ll try to dive in to this, but if anyone on the board knows, shoot!

    Come to think of it: What tool are you using to write your documents?
    Are you copying text from some other tool like Word, or do you write directly in the Write Post in WordPress?

    ( Don’t ever copy text from a web page or a Word document!
    If you have to copy text, make sure you copy to a plain text editor first, and from there to WordPress )

    i write it directly in wordpress and have from the start. the a’s have been showing up ever since i installed it though. they’re where spaces usually are i’m guessing. like at the beginning of sentences, so i tried putting only one space and they still showed up. now it seems that from the beginning to now i see more a’s in each post.

    That’s fine! My comment in parentheses was a more common advice. I’m still convinced that it has to do with a conflict between character encoding.

    It may be that your MySQL database isn’t set to store your entries as Unicode. You should go to your admin interface for MySQL and check that it is set store as Unicode.

    As an aside I want to tell you, I like your ideas for the blog, but I *am** a bit curious about your theme. Normally WordPress themes are standard XHTML but yours is old plain HTML. Another thing about it is that the text font is far too small. The content may be interesting but reading causes eye strain. You should make the font bigger and maybe use sans-serif fonts to keep your readers happy.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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