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  • Hi WP,

    My site is using WP default theme 2011. I really like the random header feature that allows you to change header for each page. The problem is it does not allow us to select the headers: the only way to take out certain headers is to delete them.

    For example, I uploaded 10 headers, the current system selects randomly from all 10 images; it does not allow the selection of 8 out of the 10, or 7 out of the 10, or 5 out of the 10, or just 3 out of the 10 images. I for now want to only use 3 images from the 10 images and really do not want to delete the other 7 images because they will be used other days.

    Deleting the images is also not easy, I uploaded them several months ago and is there any way so I can delete them within the Header page instead of going through the media library?

    Please help 🙂 Really hope the next update could address this issue!

    One more thing, the menu is expanding really fast (out of control?), any suggestions?

    The link is:

    Thanks WP!

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