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  • I’m new to WordPress and Blogging, and I’ve built my very first blog for my business. I have the programming skills of 1.8545 out of 10, but am slowly making headway. But…

    I have one problem that I can’t figure out, and yes, I have searched the forums & codex.

    I’ve installed a random image rotate call for my header photo. But every so often I get an all white, or an all grey box where the image should be – but the text is still there. This happens “randomly” but happens in IE, Firefox, and Netscape. If I simply click Refresh, the problem goes away. Still, a big blank box isn’t very good for a photo-centric site.

    I’ve checked the header images folder to make sure there are no extra files causing this apparent ‘hang’, including deleting the ftp-log file. Still, every so often the header seems to hang as a plain white or grey box.

    Anyone experience similar problems, or know of any possible solutions?

    Thanks in advance for any support or help.

    PS: Thanks to everyone who helps w/ these forums. They’ve been very helpful to my(newbie)self.

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