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Random function working only for logged-in user

  • Hi SriniG,

    Fantastic plugin — we’re using it over at http://stonecirclegames.com/ (top right corner). When I’m logged in as the WP admin, the quotes change upon page refresh — there are 10 quotes currently. However, when I’m not logged in, refreshing the page loads the same quote. I believe clearing the cache enables a new quote to show up for non-logged in visitors to the site, but that only works once. Then it’s stuck on that quote until the next cache clearing.

    Here’s the code I’ve used on the page:
    [quotcoll limit=1 orderby="random"]

    I’ve got WordPress 3.5.1 going on, using Chrome Version 24.0.1312.56. Any idea what’s up?

    I saw you’d addressed the random issue here too, but wasn’t able to glean any info from it to help me in my situation: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/random-function-not-working?replies=9



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