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  • Hi! I have found a very nice feature on a website
    There they have a random image header which have a “moving effect”. I found a lot of plugins for random image header, even i a slideshow mode, but I especially like the moving effect.
    Any Tips? Ideas?

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  • It’s not simply a moving image…it’s a flash animation (video). You would need to create one using something like:

    What you say is that it is a flash movie playing? So I have to generate my own flash video to show it?
    Thats what I dont wat to do (and dont know how to do..)
    What I was looking for, was a plugin where I can put images in a special plugin-folder and then I get the random images moving effect. The same as you get from the (for example) picasa screensaver. Just on a smaller scale on the blog.

    I have the same interest. I can’t open your site. I too would like a plugin rather than learn flash for a single header.

    I was looking around the web but could not find anything like it. Maybe I should ask in the “Plugin and Hack” – Section?

    I haven’t seen a plugin that will create a flash header…not saying there isn’t one…just haven’t seen it. You can do rotating headers several different ways, but of course, that’s not the same as a flash movie in a header.

    I found this plugin.

    If you would like to use a Flash slideshow (only a option), go to Longtail Video, download the JW Image Rotator and unpack the conent. Upload the file imagerotator.swf to the NextGEN-Gallery folder

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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