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  1. rjmat21
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    Problem: I get these URL's when I click on the pages from the homepage mainmenu:
    When they should be:

    The main problem with this being in the URL is that no javascript works in those pages with the "#!" in them. I have to manually take them out in the address bar, then the pages work correctly.

    When I hover over the link to the page, It displays the correct URL, however when I click on it, it adds those characters and then the dropdown text boxes do not work on the page.

    I have disabled all plugins, running 3.5.1, I have updated permalinks multiple times, cleared cache, used different browsers.

    The site is still incomplete, so it's just sitting on the backend right now and I can do whatever to it, so I'm not dealing with a live site.

    I only found one other similar problem, and they were registered through godaddy. I am registered through godaddy, but am hosted by supremecenter. Could this be a godaddy or hosting problem?

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