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  • I have just checked my blog and a random box or frame or something has started to appear on the page. It’s only shows on posts and not pages.

    I haven’t really changed anything really recently and I have only just noticed it!



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  • i’ve just realised its from the share this plug in. any way to sort it out without just deactivating it?

    I am having the same problem. It just started today. I am going to try to deactivate the share this plugin and see if that helps. Hopefully they get this glitch fixed soon.

    Ok. I had Simple Social Sharing installed and decativiting it did nothing. The boxes are still there. Does anyone have any other ideas? I would be grateful for your help.

    It was definitely the share this plug in for me. Deactivate all your plug ins and then activate them one by one and you should be able to find out which one it is?

    Thanks for your help. I tried what you said and it looks like it was my Moos Collapsing Archives plug-in and my Special Recent Posts plug-in. Now I am off to find some alternatives. At least the glitch is gone now. Thanks again.

    Thanks for the topic and the answer to those that posted. I was having this problem also. I de-activated the Share-This widget. All fixed!

    Can anyone recommend a sharing widget that isn’t buggy?

    The issue is due to the facebook like button, i didn’t have this plugin “Share-This” you are talking about but i did have a facebook like button created from facebooks website. I have had to remove the code until they have fixed this issue.


    I think it is the plugin “ShareThis: Share, Email, Tweet, Like, +1 Made Simple”, which calls out to the server in the header. Would be better in the footer. I suspect the server is overloaded and the script does not fail nicely. It’s probably not even that hard to fix. A local script could make the class “st_sharethis_buttons” have “display: none” when the remote script does not load.

    The plugin I’m talking about is

    ShareThis: Share, Email, Tweet, Like, +1 Made Simple
    tag: share-this

    … *not* the first “Share This” search result in, which is

    Share This
    tag: jw-share-this

    Very confusing naming.

    We started seeing this problem off and on a few days ago. It looks terrible. If I work up a solution, I will post it here.

    Possible fix. The misbehaving frame is the next to last one in the row, a span called “st_fblike_buttons”. It can be disabled in the Dashboard. So far this is working for us:

    When I first went to Dashboard / Settings / Share This
    Both these checkboxes were unchecked:

    __ Add Facebook Like __ Add Google +1

    Yet the posts showed those links. That is a bug too.

    So I checked both, saved, then unchecked both, saved, then checked ONLY Google +1:

    __ Add Facebook Like _x_ Add Google +1

    Now it seems OK. Unless it really is a network issue! We no longer have the fblike span, but that’s better than the seeing that empty floating frame. Even worse in IE8, the white background is not transparent and blocks content underneath!

    Please post if you try this and it fixes it for you.

    I have never had the “Share This” plugin installed on my blog and I am having the same problem. Whenever I use a plugin with its widget that puts a thumbnail in my sidebar the box pops up. When I take the widgets away, the box goes away. The plugins that were giving me a problem were Special Recent Posts and Moo Collapsing Archives. I tried installing other plugins so that I can have a recent post list on my blog and a nice archive but anything else I install does the same thing. I get another box.
    I hope this is fixed soon!

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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