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  • Hi all!

    I just recently started a new blog site. I figured I’d use it for random stuff, mostly as an art dump – an attempt to keep myself drawing and what not.

    Any thoughts? Also, not sure what other plug-ins you would recommend. And if you say the subscribe option – I still can’t get it to work so I kind of gave up on it.

    Random Thoughts of A Cereal Kind

    Thank you!

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  • Really cool blog. The theme itself is really simple but it fits really well with your header. It looks really good 🙂

    The one thing I would suggest is to have individual pages for your images, so people could post comments on them.

    Thank you!

    I did think about that but I figured those are mostly old stuff from my old site and the new art would have their own blog post so I didn’t do that.

    Your site is awesome btw.

    Love the original artwork. I also enjoy a nice gray theme every now-and-then, which is good for an art site b/c the colored stuff stands out way more. Great job.

    I see that you’re on Youtube, like us, and we use a plug-in that pulls our latest video automatically — that’s my suggestion.

    I’m glad you like my site Sajedene 🙂 I’ll be looking forward to your new art, I added a bookmark to your site in my rotation of sites to visit regularly.

    Thanks! I will look into that plug-in. 😀

    And I’ll be sure to stop by as well zappafloyd. Thank you!

    interesting blog, i like your posts, lol i read a lot actually 🙂

    your theme is good, it is clean and clear, loads up very fast however i feel the twitter stream is a bit too long, perhaps you can try making it a bit short. And yes, nice artworks too, looking foreword to more,

    why do you make the permalinks for single posts page like that? archieve/postid why not change the permalinks to /%postname%/ it will look much good that way,

    also, why don’t you use a little bigger social buttons, and perhaps you can add the tweet/digg/facebook like/share buttons separately as they are more in demand these days,


    Thank you so much! I’ve made some of the changes.

    Not sure which plug-in exactly to use yet for the social stuff. Need to play with that more.

    here is a list of social plugins that i personally like:

    1) the tweetmeme retweet button
    2) sexy bookmarks plugin
    3) facebook like button
    4) facebook fan page and twitter stream on the sidebar…

    there is no limit to the social plugins available these days with so many massive social sites around…

    and i tried to locate your rss options and could not find it, never seen an rss problem like this before, i guess your blog is hosted on yahoo small business hosting, so you can contact them about the rss feed issue.

    also, just spotted that your “read more” links on the homepage is not seo friendly, the readmore links ends with a “/#more-112” in the url. you can try another plugin, “better read more” which will make them seo friendly.

    Thank you!

    What did you mean by rss options? I know I have that rss button at the bottom of each post. But I am not sure if that is what you mean or if there is some other thing I need to do. And yeah, I am on Yahoo. Is there anything specific I should ask them about it?

    Thank you for pointing out the “read more” thing. I thought having SEO plug-ins was all I needed. Granted I would never have realized that having that extension is not SEO friendly. I will add and play with these new plug-ins this weekend. Thank you so much!

    by rss feed i mean the feed of your blog, usually the link of the rss is like:

    but unfortunately all of those are giving 404 errors, i have never seen such error before and i guess it is some kind of a yahoo hosting problem… you can contact yahoo about this error, however i have heard that yahoo hosting support very rarely replies…

    It’s not this one?

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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