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    My issue is very random and hard to repro and… I don’t have a repro case yet.

    The problem I run into is since I enabled Disk Cache for Pages, Database and Objects, random pages are coming up blank and the only way to resolve is to clear cache. That that point, the page paints just fine.

    Like I said, once I clear the cache, the problem goes away however I don’t have a good way of triggering it and only know about it when a user notifies me… 😉

    site —



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  • Hello @skrause have you tried the latest version

    I’m having the same problem. @skrause has the trailing slash edit in .htaccess fixed the problem for you?

    @dustindk — Well it’s not a fix. It was just a partial work-around however it didn’t solve all the problems. I still had pages here and there which were coming up blank.

    Frederick is working on the final fix which hopefully will resolve the issue for all the various conditions we are hitting.

    Looks like an update was just released. Hopefully it fixes the issue. I’ll report back here if I hear any more reports of blank pages.

    I’ve applied the latest update as well — Version

    Will see if this helps or not.

    So far so good.

    The latest update Version of W3TC has fixed the trailing / issue which created blank cache pages.

    I think there were still a few other issues which I’m waiting to see if they also were fixed.

    The test for this was fairly manual for me… cruising through the FTP server and looking at the cache files for 0k files.

    I’ll do this later tonight.

    Thnx @frederick

    Plugin Author Frederick Townes


    Anyone else using the latest release and still having an issue?

    Hi Frederick, I’m using Version and have this exact problem.

    I tested with curl and you can see the output here:

    Hi Frederick,

    I installed the latest release and i still having this issue. I decide to disable this issue till you release new version. Congratulation Frederick, you build great cache plugins.


    @fredericktownes — i am facing this issue of blank pages in with WP 3.5.1…..previous release & are working fine for me….

    I started getting this issue today. I’m using on WordPress 3.5.1. I’ve used W3 Total Cache happily for years–so glad to see you’re on the bug. I’m not confident in among the code, so I’ve deactivated the plugin until there’s a fix.

    Also getting blank pages with

    Repro: enable page cache (with XCache for me) and empty caches. curl to site => fine. curl to site again => empty.

    Also getting blank pages with

    Our main page was getting blank pages. If we manually entered the login url and logged in, we wouldn’t get a blank page on the main page after that for a given browser/machine. Switching machines or browsers and the problem would occur there as well. Deactivating the plugin fixed the problem.


    Signing up to follow this thread, also getting blank pages in

Viewing 15 replies - 31 through 45 (of 102 total)
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