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  • skrause



    My issue is very random and hard to repro and… I don’t have a repro case yet.

    The problem I run into is since I enabled Disk Cache for Pages, Database and Objects, random pages are coming up blank and the only way to resolve is to clear cache. That that point, the page paints just fine.

    Like I said, once I clear the cache, the problem goes away however I don’t have a good way of triggering it and only know about it when a user notifies me… 😉

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  • Plugin Author Frederick Townes


    @crazyserb, Is there anything in your error log?


    that would be a bit easier to troubleshoot, I know.

    I tried tweaking the settings for page cache (on its own tab), didn’t help.

    I tried turning off page cache completely, leaving all the other caches ‘memcached’, didn’t help.

    now I am considering turning off something else, but at this point what’s the point, really – might as well uninstall the whole plugin.

    Plugin Author Frederick Townes


    @crazyserb, even if other people on this topic appear to have a related issue, it’s not a common one (saying that after supporting this plugin for 3 years), and for the same reason it’s not easy to troubleshoot. If you would submit a bug submission form from the support tab of the plugin that would be a helpful next step.

    @crazyserb have you been able to narrow down to what triggers the blank page/s? That may help in identifying what’s causing it. For some of us on this thread, blank pages were cached by the plugin when the forward slash was missing at the end of the url. If you have access to the cache files, start there. Also, look at the error logs.

    looked into the error logs, nothing specific there.

    added the / in permalinks in wp to get around that slash issue, no luck.

    started emptying out cache every 15 minutes… again, no luck, as things sometimes happen in between those cache cleanups.

    just weird…

    what would I look for in cache files?

    Nothing specific in the cached files, but at least you can see the bad ones being created on the spot and delete them as needed, so good for manual testing.

    Are you on apache or IIS? Make sure you’re adding the forward slash after all the other WP url rewrite.


    so add the / rewrite rule in addition to permalink update?

    Yeah, give the rewrite rule a shot, hopefully that may do the trick.

    Nope, that didn’t help either.

    Blank pages still keep being generated and served.

    @fredrick — that’s fantastic. Glad to hear you have a fix on the way.

    If you need any other information from me regarding let me know.



    Plugin Author Frederick Townes


    It needs testing so if you want to submit a bug submission form from the support tab of the plugin I will get it out to you.

    @frederick — yeah you bet. Will submit that over in 1-2 hours.

    Thnx again for jumping on this.


    Just to clarify if I have the same problem – when you say “blank page” do you mean a white screen with one line of text at the top – which in my case is title of the post? Would like to know if this is the problem being resolved as I am facing it too. Thanks.

    I mean blank page with nothing on it…

    @fredericktownes — I’ve submitted the BUG report. A bit slow…. but you should have it now.



Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 102 total)
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