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    For the last 4-5 months I have been receiving abandoned carts from the same buyer on random dates and 3-4 per month.
    The buyers email address does not get a reply, and the same goes for their saved phone number.
    I have tried to contact them several ways and not managed too.
    Could this possible be something to do with their Cached order.
    I was thinking that maybe they placed and order with fake contact details, as some people do, (if they don’t want to be contacted), and that the order is reverting to the original cached version.
    These abandoned carts come in so randomly, I suspect it may be a genuine order attempt.
    Could this be a ghost cart?
    Ghost carts are excluded in my settings?
    Any suggestions?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Contributor Nauriskolats


    Hey @leonbourne,

    Thanks for reaching out about this situation.
    From my point of view it looks like either:

    • There is a bot that has found your store interesting and just keeps coming back with the same data to hit your store
    • It is a real person that is just messing with you

    How to tell if it is a bot or not. You could check your server logs and Google Analytics data to see where is the user coming at the time of leaving the abandoned cart, does the IP address change every time, what type of browser is used, device, operating system, does the location change or not. Does these carts come in at random times – both at daylight and nighttime (if they appear all across 24h spectrum – it most probably is not a human being as they tend to sleep at night). If you identify this user, try looking if his behavior of visited pages and lengths is normal as a person would normally be browsing your store.
    These are just some ideas to look for to identify if the user is actually a bot or not.

    Possible solutions:

    1. If you are able to identify that this is coming from one and the same IP, you could simply ban it from your store, but it could mean also locking out some other people in case the IP is used by someone else so please be mindful with this one.
    2. Another solution would be to enable Google reCAPTCHA that is intended to prevent bots from leaving recoverable abandoned carts. But it is only available in our Pro version. You can see more information here:
    3. You might try installing this plugin which also might try picking up this user in case it is a bot and lock it out from your store.

    Now answering your questions:

    1. Cached order? I doubt it, CartBounty does not pick up data from cached orders. If this would be the case, you would see just one abandoned cart being updated all the time and not a new abandoned cart every time.
    2. Ghost cart? No, ghost is simply a guest cart which is an abandoned cart that we are unable to identify – the user has not provided neither email, nor phone number.

    Hope any of this helps you in solving this annoying issue.


    Thread Starter leonbourne


    Thanks @nauriskolats You were right it appears it was a bot. They are now blocked in Settings>Discussion>Disallowed Comment Keys.
    I am hopeful this should prevent the issue.

    Plugin Contributor Nauriskolats


    Glad to be able to assist 🙂

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