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  • My WP ceased to function for the most part, reason according to Dreamhost “What happened is, your site is using up to much system memory. We limit how much memory a site can use. Your php scripts seem to hoarding it. Once you reach that limit, our system will stop allowing you to use it.” So what in WP is the memory hog? Is it the scripts? Is it the fact I have a zillion links and probably too many link categories? I have reached the limit of my site being able to function. I need to fix it soon so it doesn’t happen again. Any help would be appreciated. I am using the nightly build from 3/10.

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  • Wow! That is _some_ list of links you have going. 🙂

    I think that the problem is with the web host. That’s just my non-technical, non-professional, non-informed opinion.

    The memory usage of WordPress is quite high. 2 MB at least, per page. It probably spikes to more than that at times. This means that if you have a fairly high traffic blog, or your host has resource limits which are quite low, your probably going to have problems. I am 100% sure that the memory usage of WordPress can be reduced significantly. And i’ll say tentatively that perhaps it can be reduced to under a meg.
    In the mean time there isn’t much you can do except reduce the number of posts and links on your front page. Sorry.

    Hmm, shades of dotCanada, but DreamHost’s reaction was rather more civil. FWIW, the data I see at bottom of your page says “55 queries 4.967 seconds”. Seems significantly higher than most WP sites I visit. Beyond that meager observation, I can’t help but I’m anxious to see what develops.

    HDD space is cheaper than memory and/or processor cycles … hence the shutting down of WP blogs. This is also something that hosts don’t publicize, i.e. they say what the cap on you bandwidth is, but not how much memory and/or processor cycles you can use.
    33 queries @ 1.449 secs for me, so your stats are no *that* much higher despite a huge links list.

    Think I will hard code some link categories and delete some others, may help. Already deleted the number of posts per page. Thanks all for your input.

    This seems like fodder for inclusion in the WP documentation, with advice about how to economize our content and/or features to minimize the risks of suffering either a dotCanada axe or a Dreamhhost ceiling. I’m starting to worry whether I’m sitting on a WP time bomb with my web host. Or, is this just part of the development phase, with memory efficiency to be ironed out by the time 1.2 is released?

    I’d love some serious stats on what script files are using up what memory. It’s hard to optimize without that info, and I (unfortunately) don’t know how you go about getting that information. Maybe the php core can give you a dump of memory usage, and you do so right at the beginning and end of processing (so it can track)? Dunno. Anyone?

    The same day I asked to cancel my dotCanada account I asked for the log files which showed the problems my site was allegedly causing. I never received them, nor did I even receive an answer to my request for them. I assume that since I had only just earlier requested cancellation (which took nearly 48 hours or so) that they were done dealing with me.
    I’m not sure what they would do if a WP dev requested the information.

    has not matt himself asked for them?

    It hit a high of 40meg and apparently “it seems that this happened on a few of our web servers, so it’s possible there may have been a misconfiguration that caused the limit as well. We’ve raised the limit a little to alleviate that as well.” Support also suggested running the php as cgi but I have no idea what that does to my WP. Anybody try that?

    My WP setup is reporting @26 queries and 0.111 seconds. I limit (not just in WP) number of entries per page to 6 – I don’t like long scrolls.

    I can’t find any ticket where you ask for your logs. Can you please forward a copy of this request to support at dotcanada dot com?
    With respect to your logs, Matt informed me that he had your log files.
    As well, your cancellation took under 12 hours. You were very clear that you wanted your accounts terminated, and we removed them within 12 hours.

    I know Dreamhost as a very reliable & professional Hosting provider.
    I’m working with them for more than 4 years now, and never had a
    real problem. Their bundles are always upgraded and the price tag
    + service are excellent. They hosted my b2 blog, and now, they host
    my WordPress blog + an extra test blog. If they think that WordPress
    is a memory hog, we must listen and check why.
    Saying that, one should know that Dreamehost are very strict with
    security and blocked some PHP functions (like passthru etc.) to prevent
    hacking when you run PHP as an Apache module. I switched to running PHP
    as PHP-CGI and everything is OK + no function is blocked (that’s running
    PHP in your “private” space). The process of switching is easy & painless, and
    is done from the Panel: Domains ->> Web ->> edit (your domain). Check the
    box next to “Run PHP as CGI?” and hit Save. You can read about the Pros & Cons
    of this method here:

    Thanks, just got a comment from Matt that the newer versions have speed improvements so I will do both, upgrade to the latest nightly and try running PHP as CGI after backing up my data of course.

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