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  • Hi everyone,

    I recently purchased a small VPS and have installed WordPress on it. Generally what is the amount of RAM consumed by a fresh install of WP? Do other settings determine that?

    I am using zpanel as my control panel and right now with a clean install of zpanel/WP my VPS is sitting at about 205mb ram used. Is this pretty normal? I read so many things about people having all sorts of different usages.

    Take care!

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  • Yui

    (@fierevere) team, ru_RU support & translation

    less than 16-20 Mb for rendering pages and categories,
    ~32 Mb for Admin page

    using opcode caches will reduce amount of ram used due to elimination of PHP to bytecode compiling stage. For Zend Opcache its about 4-5 Mb RAM PHP memory

    Do other settings determine that?

    only amount of scripts-plugins-theme bloat

    I am using zpanel as my control panel

    bad choice, it has unfixed major security issues

    about 205mb ram used.

    Yes. But dont forget that Linux takes all unused memory for disk cache, so “Free memory” will be low

    Yui, thanks for the response. I was actually just reading about the zpanel security issue and wasn’t sure if it had been fixed or not. Is there anything similar that I could use as an alternative to whm/cpanel at the moment?


    (@fierevere) team, ru_RU support & translation

    any panel may have issues, CPanel and Plesk suffered 0-day exploits too, but they are usually fixed for current versions.
    ZPanel has history of being ignorant to security reports.

    I dont use any panels, i prefer using ssh and command line, but of course its not the way for everyone who want things to be simple.

    As your VPS is “small”, i think you may want a panel that will be able to set up and manage nginx as a frontend to apache (at least), pure apache httpd will have performance and memory hogging issues when you will get many visitors to your site.


    I did some more research on the zpanel issue and may look into going with something else. The odd thing about the whole situation is that I have another VPS that has much more installed on it, including a WP install, and it uses about 250-260mb ram. (whm/cpanel setup)

    I’m also going to learn more about nginx, thanks for the suggestions! When I say small – 1 core xeon, 100gb space, 1000gb bandwidth, 512 ram with 256 burstable. 🙂


    (@fierevere) team, ru_RU support & translation

    Why odd? Depends on how much you have set on your VPS,
    MySQL configuration and apache worker settings affects consumed RAM,
    as well as PHP opcode cache dedicated RAM piece.
    Your VPS runs on Virtuozzo/OpenVZ, you can use big enough RAM, because VZ doesnt include disk cache memory on VPS side, its good (you have more RAM) and bad (slow down disk access when host system throw your VPS data outta cache in preferance of other VPSs), you cant change disk cache settings, but likely you may wish to utilize _MORE_ ram, having mysql query cache 64 MB or more is first idea ) other idea – make enough apache workers available for handling connections (MinSpare-MaxSpare and MaxClients)
    I have average 130 Mb with max use of 350 Mb for 512Mb-VPS
    with 115 Mb free ram average and 200 Mb dedicated to disk cache (this VPS runs under KVM hypervisor), I use nginx and php-fpm instead of apache,it can run with 64 Mb RAM, but its silly to make memory stay unused when you can make a performance benefit by using it completely.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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