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  • Raleys DC located at

    4061 Gateway Park Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95834

    easy approach with ample overnight if needed parking. Park your rig, then walk to the guard shack to check in. Have you trailer and rig numbers and tags ready to fill out on the form

    when you get called by the guard with a door number, drive in and find your door, break your seal, and dock .

    after you dock, your lumper will come out and get your paper work. This person will also tell you how much the lumper charge is, it was $120 for my last load there. Everything went fast and got me out of there quickly.

    About 3 miles away is the 49r truck stop that has everything you need. It cost $50 in purchases to park there, so I always do a washout there to pay that off.

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