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    I went to the WP Settings for Reading and set it to show only the summary of a post on the homepage feed. In all the other WP Themes I use (5 different ones), they all defer to the WP Settings on this and only show the summary of the post on the homepage. In Raindrops, it seems to ignore the WP settings and shows the full post on the home page even when I have clearly selected summary.

    Now, I have noticed on this forum that someone may give me some code to add as a fix. But the real question is why should that even be necessary? If the Theme is properly coded, it should always allow core WP Settings to work without anyone having to add something to a .php file.

    Here is a link to our test location where we are building the website –


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  • Theme Author nobita


    Hi donshapiro

    show the summary of the post on the homepage. In Raindrops

    Please open functions.php line:475

    You want to show summary then change below settiongs

     * the_content( ) or the_excerpt
     * the_excerpt use where index,archive,other not single pages.
     * If RAINDROPS_USE_LIST_EXCERPT value false and use the_content .
     * add ver 1.127
     * When use excerpt please set $raindrops_where_excerpts
        if ( ! defined( 'RAINDROPS_USE_LIST_EXCERPT' ) ) {
            define( "RAINDROPS_USE_LIST_EXCERPT", false );
    	// values 'is_search', 'is_archive', 'is_category' ,'is_tax', 'is_tag' any conditional function name
    	if( ! isset( $raindrops_where_excerpts ) ) {
    		$raindrops_where_excerpts = array( 'is_search' );

    for example
    change below

    define( "RAINDROPS_USE_LIST_EXCERPT", true );

    and next

    $raindrops_where_excerpts = array( 'is_search', 'is_home' );

    index.php and search result page shows summary.
    ( is_home is WordPress conditional function name )

    Thank you.


    I think feed setting is WordPress core functionality

    The theme should not have the function to affect it in the output of feeding.

    If it thinks that the Raindrops theme has had influences of something, it is good to have Liszt of the compared theme written.

    It may become a key which finds a certain problem to Raindrops.

    Hi Nobita,

    I appreciate your taking the time to share this information. I really don’t like going into the code to do things but I will do this even though I know zero about code. But I will need your help at a very basic level. I do not understand anything of a technical nature that you wrote.

    1. Where in this very long themefunctions.php file is the place where this code exist that I need to change? (there is no functions.php file). After 5 minutes of trying to scroll through and look at the function list, I could not find it. Maybe someone who knows code can find this stuff quickly. That is not me. Please tell what percentage of the page from the top of the file I should scroll down to find the area where I modify this code. What is before and after it?

    2. By index.php, do you mean the file Main Theme Index.php? There is no file just named index.php. Once again, how far down do I scroll to find the area that needs to be changed.

    I sure hope I can make these type of changes without messing up the code.

    3. When you do an update, will you make corrections to your code so that the WP Settings for Reading actually work? Or will I have to redo this code again. I don’t want to mess with child themes. Once again, that involves more technical stuff that I don’t want to bother with. Is there any goal within the WP development community toward writing Themes and code so that us users never, ever have to touch the code?

    Thanks for your time and effort.


    I found one area in the functions.php file that references the excerpt. But even though I can’t read code, it appears to say except is true already. This shows how little I understand about all this. All i wanted was to be able to change core, standard, basic WP Setting for Reading to Summary. Why can’t it be that easy? Here it is the code I found.

    if ( ! function_exists( ‘raindrops_entry_content’ ) ) {

    function raindrops_entry_content( $more_link_text = null, $stripteaser = false ) {

    global $post;

    $raindrops_excerpt_condition = raindrops_detect_excerpt_condition();

    //var_dump( $raindrops_excerpt_condition );
    //echo ‘hello’;

    // if ( RAINDROPS_USE_LIST_EXCERPT == true and ! is_single( ) and ! is_page( ) ) {
    if ( $raindrops_excerpt_condition == true ) {
    /* remove shortcodes */
    $excerpt = preg_replace(‘!\[[^\]]+\]!’, ”, get_the_excerpt( ) );

    $excerpt = apply_filters( ‘the_excerpt’, $excerpt );

    echo apply_filters( ‘raindrops_entry_content’, $excerpt );
    } else {

    Theme Author nobita


    Sorry for your time

    Please replace functions.php

    <> link click and copy.

    Thank you

    Hi Nobita,

    Thank you so much for making this a bit easier on me. I really appreciate your help with this. It works perfectly.

    I like your Theme a lot. I’ve tried many themes during the last few months trying to find one that could work for an usual website upgrade from a site created in 2000. Everything your Theme does was exactly what we needed. Now I can proceed to put the actual copy in and create the header image.

    Don’t expect to run across much else technically. I will read through all the forum post to see if there is anything covered I need to address.

    Thank you for doing something beyond what most developers do and creating a Theme that offers so much color and wire frame flexibility plus it appears to handle plugin widgets that some other Themes can’t.


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