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    I’ve encountered a serious problem – something in the raindrops theme interferes with the prettyPhoto jquery script.

    I think I have tried every prettyPhoto plugin and all misbehave in the same way. I’ve tried these all in two other WordPress themes and there is no such malfunction of prettyPhoto.

    In Firefox I see that the click listeners don’t get set (i.e., prettyPhoto in raindrops does not work on Firefox). Only in Safari does prettyPhoto work but even then the close button must be clicked multiple time to close the prettyPhoto display.

    In IE9, Chrome, and Opera the listeners get set, but the close button on the prettyPhoto frame does not work, the enlarge button also unusually jumps to the across from the upper right corner to the upper left corner of the frame when trying to click it and the displayed photo shifts down (otherwise nothing happens) plus the main next photo arrow (in the bottom of the frame) jumps to the right and doesn’t function when trying to click it as well. In other words, even though the listeners get set in Chrome, Opera, and IE9 browsers, prettyPhoto does not function properly in the raindrops theme.

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  • Theme Author nobita


    Hi 0soYoung

    Thanks for pointing out your ploblem.


    I download development version 3.1.5

    It works improperly.

    Please let me know the prettyphoto plug-in that you are using.

    Please let me know the name of the theme also fully operational

    Thank you.

    Like I said, I think I tried every prettyPhoto plugin. But, at any rate I use the Responsive Lightbox plugin and was using it when I first found the trouble.

    MadMeg and Vantage are themes with which I found no problem.


    Theme Author nobita


    Responsive Lightbox + Vantage

    Works fine

    Responsive Lightbox + Raindrops

    Works improperly( close button not works )

    There is a possibility that the styling of the following is affected

    Is it possible to comment out the following styles, whether you want to work with Raindrops of you, it is recommended to check?

    style.css line:34

    a:active {

    Since I not familiar with the operation of this plug-in, I’m glad to us and to cooperate

    Thank you.

    There is still a problem with Firefox browser – prettyPhoto doesn’t run.

    Removing the anchor styling as you suggested, allows Responsive Lightbox to work properly in IE9, Safari, Opera, and Chrome browsers.

    Theme Author nobita


    I appreciate your cooperation in problem-solving

    Firefox issue

    functions.php in function raindrops_small_device_helper()
    line: 4251


    Please chenge below.

    		jQuery(window).load( function (){ raindrops_resizes()});

    In this change, can you solve the problem?

    If OK I will change next version Raindrops.

    I think in the next version, we want to change as follows: style.css. Is there a problem?

    #ft a:active,
    .lsidebar a:active,
    .rsidebar a:active,
    #access a:active {

    Thank you.

    That all works, nobita!

    It is good in Firefox, Chrome, IE, and Safari

    Since you will be making changes, please consider also changing style.css line 932 to:
    .entry-content ul {

    That is, remove li from the declaration. This way, the raindrops styling will not override plugins that make unordered lists but don’t want a symbol (some gallery plugins do this).

    Raindrops is “eye candy” for me. I’m in love again!

    Domo arigato gozaimashita.

    Theme Author nobita


    DEAR 0soYoung

    You, I seem to be able to be a good one to the next version of Raindrops theme thanks to me to examine this issue.

    I would like to thank the kindness of Raindrops to your theme

    I will fixed this issue next versions Raindrops

    Thank you.

    Yours sincerely

    Theme Author nobita


    Today Raindrops 1.203 is live. above issue was Fixed

    I would like to thank deeply in that it gave me point out this problem

    Change to resolved.

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