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  • Yeah that’s some awesome stuff in the works.
    Is there a GIT for this plugin Francis?

    Can I use this plugin to populate text in a pop-up box? Dos it use a shortcode?

    Like – Hi, we do business in [cityname}. Call us.

    If not a pop-up, I assume I can do something similar in the body of a page or post?

    Plugin Author fyaconiello


    Sorry for leaving you guys hanging on this. Apparently I dont get emails from the plugin site when people start discussions.

    Someone just sent me an email today about adding the Radius options, and when he could expect them. This is what I wrote back:

    The reason development on this one has been slow:
    When I have an idea for a plugin/app/whatever, I generally do a minimum viable product so that I can use it for whatever project spurned the idea. All of the coming soon features are my thoughts for the future of the plugin. I generally get around to adding those features either when I am working on another project that requires them, or when someone from the community wants those features. Its a way of making sure that the features I plan are actually useful to more than just one project, and not just development for the hell of it.

    All that I ask, is that if you want me to develop out that extra feature + plan on using my plugin you donate a bit to the plugin fund. (there is a paypal donate button.) I don’t care how much you donate, or even IF you donate – that isn’t a requirement for using the plugin – but donations do help motivate me to do non-client work.

    It looks like there is probably enough interest for me to get developing. I’ll send out more updates as I go. GIT:

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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