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  1. krosenberg
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    Hi guys,

    I am kind of new to WP and am slowly discovering all of its wonderful capabilities. Here's my task: I'm working on a radio station website for your college's FM radio station, and we want to have DJ's create a post for each of their shows that has the list of songs that they played during their hour slot. I would like to make a way to keep the formatting consistent between all DJs when they post song names -- I am afraid every DJ will have their own way of formatting their list of tunes and their artists.

    I am looking for some plugin or way to make a post contain an expandable table with with two columns: one song title, one for artist. I've been trying to figure out how Custom Fields work -- could it be done with this? I basically want to have the fields ready to be filled when a DJ hits "new post". I'm probably going into too much detail here, but it seems like a simple process.

    Then, when I want to display the posts, I can do something like
    while (there are songs in the list)
    echo $songName 'by' $artistName;

    so that every playlist post looks the same.

    Here's a visual if my badly written description doesn't make sense:

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