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  • I realize I am late but the store I was working with on a old version of WooCommerce until now due to a variety different factors the impeded the update. Regardless I still think feedback is important.

    My thoughts / questions on the radio buttons and the FEDEX and USPS Plugins for WooCommerce are this.

    Both USPS and FedEX have a multitude of shipping options.

    • 32 shipping options for USPS
    • 24 shipping options for FedEx

    It would be silly to enable all shipping options. Especially if you have both plugins some 56 in total.

    But even if you selectively choose the shipping options available to you and then those are whittle down but size restrictions you would still have at least 5 shipping options or radio buttons available to the user.

    If more cheaper or faster or different shipping companies are added. the shipping variables are made to you then the number of radio buttons increases so does user confusion.

    I don’t completely know the answer, but the drop down menus were one resolution that seemed to work as we set the cheapest one at the top (default) and then the more expensive one a

    Yes this theory could be applied to the radio buttons as well, but just showing all the options makes the shipping layout long and more confusing not less.

    I do realize you needed to change to the radio buttons so the price would change on the fly, but this is one of the results of those changes.

    More investigation will be needed on how to facilitate these options better but those are my thoughts / comments / questions right now.

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  • My 2 cents worth— When WC dropped the shipping dropdown and went to only radio buttons my client and I both were upset. This particular client is a dropshipper and has some vendors that offer 3 or 4 options (FedEx, UPS, USPS, Local). Sometimes we are looking at 12-14 options. It gets ugly. Oh, and don’t tell me to force the vendors to limit their choices. They have their own businesses to run and may just drop my client if they get too pushy.

    My other e-Commerce customers are less impacted by the change but Checkout is still not clean.


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