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  1. funkyvega
    Posted 9 years ago #

    i just started working on my blog today, and got it looking how i want it more or less.

    I modified the Qwilm theme, which is the most downloaded on the wordpress themes engine, so I know some of you might have this. Heres what i have so far: http://www.keepthemonice.com

    I have two problems.. First, the "single post" pages don't show any other column,s only the actual post. Everything else disappears. For example: http://keepthemonice.com/2007/01/11/cam-get-shafted/

    Why is this? I'm pretty good with CSS, but I can't figure this php out to make the tables come back for that page.

    Also, the second problem is the comments.. They don't come out, as you can see in the same page.

    any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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