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  • Just upgraded WordPress to 2.0.4 and was working great with Travelogue theme, then tried to switch them to Qwilm! theme, and the sidebars align themselves at the bottom of the body, instead of to the right of it. I know they are dynamic and maximizing my browser window (20″ LCD display) doesn’t change anything. I don’t know where to look to tweak anything, whether it is a PHP thing or a theme thing.. any one have any ideas?

    I’ll switch my theme back to Qwilm! now for troubleshooting purposes:

    Thanks in advance…

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  • Did you notice that the problem only occurs on the index and the first post, and not when you look at other posts? I took a look at the page source… and the most likely cause would be that you have a </div> at the end of that post. Get rid of that by editing the html of the post, and it should unbreak the whole page. 🙂

    Edit: The bottom post seems fishy as well, but all the other first page posts had sidebars in the right place, including the one with the wide image.

    The Sea to Stars graphic is too wide…

    Ah- ok. But (pardon my ignorance) how do I edit the CSS of the first and last post specifically? I’m not sure where to go in the WordPress files to find that extra </div>. I’ll go poking around…

    Yeah- that Sea to Stars graphic was put in when I was using Travelogue2, which was a little wider… gotta change that too.

    Thanks to all for the help!

    No need to go into the WordPress files, the errors come from faulty markup in the actual posts. Just edit the posts, using the html editor in the write panel to remove the tags.

    These problems usually happen when you try to insert code into posts from the visual rich editor and it tries to correct things.

    Thanks ‘newsflesh’- I “fixed” it by adding a new post today and everything lined up properly. When I checked the source code of the Landis post- it doesn’t show any <div> tags at all- only level. So I guess the <div> tags are being put in by WordPress? I would like to find the problem and fix it just as a learning process, but as long as new posts behave properly, it isn’t a major deal. Thanks for taking the time to help though! Aloha-

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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