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  • Trying to understand the total picture regarding the functional capabilities of the more tag.
    On our site at “Belly Dance Village” We provide members access to an extensive library of Belly Dance instructional videos, articles and interviews and I’d like to use the more tag so that visitors click on a post, or page, get a bit of a preview and then with a button, or link below the preview to get the rest of the content (if they’re a logged in member) and if they’re a non member get presented with the opportunity to get a free trial.
    I’m able to achieve this functional capability when someone views a category archive. Preview content followed by a button. However can’t get it to work when someone one clicks on an individual post. The preview content is displayed, but there is not link for the balance of the content.
    Do I have to have the theme modified to take advantage of this, or is it standard functional capability for the more link to only be visible on category archives?
    Thanks in advance,


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  • Archives use excerpts by default, single posts use full content.

    If you want a “more” link in single.php, (single post view) you’ll have to change the_content to the_excerpt in that template file (single.php)

    However, and alternately, you can turn your post into an excerpt with the more tag, (as available in the post editor) but the output code in single.php has to look somehting like this:

    <?php the_content( $more_link_text , $strip_teaser, $more_file ); ?>

    so, if your code only says

    <?php the_content();?>

    then the more tag won’t work.

    more on the more:Customizing_the_Read_More

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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