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    I run a religious artwork blog. As you can expect, this means that I have to quote a lot of scripture! After all, some of the hidden symbolism in Christian iconography/artwork comes directly from scripture.

    But, here’s the thing: I am lazy. I didn’t want to have to find the bible quotes, usually from large stories, copy them, put them on my website, and format them. And I especially didn’t want to have to figure out how exactly I was going to number them or whether I should number them or mess around with anything of that sort! It’s hard enough writing consistent, original content without having to deal with this sort of nitpicky stuff. That’s what plugins are for!

    So, after browsing around a bit, I decided to use this plugin.

    And it is awesome.

    First thing you do is customize it and choose your favorite translation from their list. Then? It’s a simple matter of just putting a special code around your bible verse, and it shows right up!

    The code looks a bit like this: [bibleget query="John 3:16"] or whatever sort of bible quote you want to list, and BOOM. It shows right up, it does all the numbers automatically, and it even shows you what version it’s from, just in case people are wondering about your particular version.

    Here are two pages from my website that use this plugin so you can see what it looks like within a customized wordpress page within the context of an actual blog:
    Walking on Water – Example #1 to show how awesome this plugin is!
    Happy Feast of the Transfiguration! – Example #2 to show how awesome this plugin is!

    So… some things about this plugin that you may want to know about?

    This is better for large chunks of texts! If you’re only interested in quoting a verse or two, it might look odd. This is not a problem for me, because I like to get deep into scripture and quote entire stories, but if you’re hoping to post inspirational scripture verses, this may not be the plugin you’re looking for!

    The amount of translations of the bible is very limited. It has two Italian versions, one English version (the NABRE) and a Latin version. These versions, from what are understand (and I could be wrong!), are all Catholic approved! So, if you’re Catholic like I am and want to share the beauty of scripture with people, then that’s great! If you’re Protestant and looking for a way to easily put the KJV out for people… this is not the plugin you’re looking for!

    Also, sadly, there is not a bibleget button in the fancy code panel for immediate use, so you have to remember how to code it every time. Which, in the beginning, would kind of mess me up. Still! The code is fairly straightforward, once you get used to it.

    Anyway! This is a wonderful plugin that I love using to help my readers immerse themselves into the bible.

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