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  • I’ve searched the forums but haven’t found any related to my exact issue. I’ve got a WP test site set up at:

    and when I view the HTML source for a particular article, all the quotes show up as ' and ". They display fine on the site – but when I check the source at other sites with similar postings, the html contains the quotes themselves, and I’m wondering if this is some sort of character rendering issue that could cause problems down the road.

    ** NOTE: I’m already cutting and pasting my articles from their original sources into NOTEPAD and saving them as .txt files, and in WP I’m using the HTML editor…

    help, please! I’m trying to get this resolved before I add any other articles. thank you.

    **Forgot to add: I’d installed the Unfancy Quotes plug-in and just deactivated it to see if that makes a difference, but it doesn’t. I’m not using WP Texturize or anything else.

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  • As far as functionality goes, it doesn’t matter whether you write &39; (at least if you’re using the HTML editor).

    Yeah, if you can explain why do you need a “quick fix” or any fix at all… maybe somebody will be able to help you.

    No problem, thank you for getting back to me. Forgive me if my reaction to the html-converted characters in the source was unwarranted – I know nobody’s going to be looking at the source, but I wondered if this might pose a problem in RSS feeds down the road (I don’t know much about RSS feeds…).

    Also, despite the fact that the text is displaying correctly in the browser, I’m a little afraid of one day loading an article and seeing all sorts of strange characters.

    Finally, I want to double-check: is my method of copying/pasting news articles from online sources into Notepad and using the html editor in WP the best method for avoiding copy/paste related disasters? In some cases I’ve had to manually go through and take out curly quotes in Notepad (not sure why, I thought it removed all formatting), just because I’m trying to avoid character problems down the road…

    The short version: I visited some higher-end sites and didn’t see #39; in the source, so I just wanted to know what I was doing wrong.

    If everything else is OK, the RSS feeds will work perfectly.
    Using Notepad and the code editor in WP – the closest to the perfect method.
    Is the developer of WP “higher-end” enough for you? Check his blog’s source to see html entities in the source 🙂

    Thanks for the feedback. Of course, what I meant was that my knowledge of WP at this point is rather limited and that MY project is not very high-end. I’m just trying to learn along the way so I can avoid troubles in the future. I appreciate everyone getting back to me so quickly!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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