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  • Has anyone successfully used Quotes Collection widget with W3 Total Cache and had it successfully START off with a random quote.
    The random sequence seems to work fine but the very first quote is always the same. It is as if the first quote gets cached and then the ajax refresh kicks in. Can anybody please recommend a suggestion. If your suggestion is mfunc then please explain in detail what should go where.
    Thanks in advance

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  • Try disabling the following options and that should take care of it. You might want to test the difference in performance as there is a slight impact by removing these caching options.

    General Settings
    -uncheck Enable Database Cache
    -uncheck Enable Object Cache
    -uncheck Enable Minify

    Disabling database caching worked for me (I’m with Gandi Simple Hosting). The others seemed to not have any adverse effect one way or the other.

    I believe that page caching will also cause a page to always show the same sequence of quotes, but the sequence will change from page to page. Page caching does have a big impact on browser reloading, though, so I recommend leaving it on.

    To test your changes, don’t forget to flush all your caches, or at least your page cache, before reloading each page in your browser.

    Thanks for the hints, jsimonms!

    Ya, maybe you have page cache enabled. I do, and it always starts off with the same quote until the saved page is remade.

    I don’t have minify nor the database ones enabled. I have a different minify plugin which I like better than w3’s.

    Like @argolyte said, each page still has a separate quote. But if you had to always have a different quote in the same page. See, the plugin is going to save the quote inside the page, which W3 is going to cache.

    Two options:

    1) Install a javascript loading widget. These widgets will load their widget data via a javascript (ajax) call, rather than being embedded in the page. So the quote will be loaded separately from the page, and will be unique on each load of any page. W3 gets pushed out of the picture.

    2) Have javascript refresh the quote on page load. Note that the old quote will probably display for a second or two, or longer. Or sometimes may not change at all. Seriously, don’t use this method. I just tried it and found it to be unreliable. Try the widget idea above.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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