Quotes and spaces converts to funky characters (2 posts)

  1. Murphy
    Posted 7 months ago #

    WordPress shows characters: “,”,‘,’ as weird code. For example, shows up as “. It just recently started happening. I disabled all plugins but nothing changed. I also tried replacing the code in the database with proper html quotes and for the most part fixed it but in some random places, a big B appears before the space that is appended to the previous word. I have since changed the database back just so people can help me trouble shoot this.

    Please see this page (as of 8-25-2014)

  2. Murphy
    Posted 7 months ago #

    Well, no suggestions yet. So as of now I have replaced all the funky quotations with regular HTML quotes using a replace query in the database but I cannot figure out how to remove the quirky "B" as shown in spaces on this page:

    The database just shows it as a space. If I remove the space and enter in a space the B disappears. But I need to correct about 1000 occurrences.


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