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  • Greetings everyone!

    Anyone else use the quoter plugin? Since the 2.06 upgrade, it’s not working properly:

    I upgraded from 2.05 to 2.06 and the QUOTER plugin is no longer nesting quotes properly.

    Here’s the plugin page:

    I know the 2.06 release had some fixes for filtering comments, to prevent theme mishaps, but does anyone know how to fix it so that the QUOTER plugin works again?

    Not sure where to start, with the plugin itself, or WP. I don’t want to go back to 2.05 for nothing!!


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  • I hate to bump this, but I’m sure many people use the Quoter plugin, and I’d like to at least know that I’m not alone with the nesting function not working with WP 2.06…


    Another bump, but does anyone know if upgrading to 2.07 will address this problem with the plugin?

    I would try and look into it, but I’m not sure what the specific WP fixes that took place after 2.05 (to deal with rogue comment code to prevent theme problems) were.

    Do any of the WP experts know how these two could be related?

    All the best!

    I am having the same problem with WP 2.1.2

    Any ideas?

    Have either of you contacted the plugin’s author?

    The plugin’s author claims it works.

    And it has been seen to work on other blogs. It’s weird.

    Anybody? I have disabled all plugins but Quoter and reinstalled Quoter but none of these solve the problem. It’s also nothing to do with my CSS as I emptied it and there was no change.

    It’s quite bizarre, yet it works on some WordPress 2.1 blogs.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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