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  • gkhairallah


    Hello All,

    I’ve looked around in the uploading problems people were having, and I wasn’t able to find the problem I’m seeing. I’m using WP 2.0. and I was uploading a bunch of files of files in a post. everything was working great, until I happened to upload a file that had a single quote in it (‘). the drop down menu for the file throws a “Script Error” in the status bar on the page where this file exists. as soon as I go to the next page, the script works again.
    I’m not good at PHP, so I’m not sure if I understood the code, but it looked to me like, the links to the files are dynamically generated from the filename on the filesystem? I’ve tried to also change the filename on the filesystem and remove the single quote, but that didn’t change it on the post. Any ideas how I can fix this? I have to much stuff on this post for me to delete it and start over. in addition.. I don’t think the Uploaded files are “Post” specific per se… so even deleting the post won’t fix this problem.

    any help would be appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance

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  • gkhairallah


    anybody around to help me resolve my problem? 🙂



    I had this same problem. A single quote in my description broke the JavaScript.



    One of my users ran into the same problem. (Right after I emphatically told her that there was not much she could do to break the software!) Hopefully this will be logged somewhere as a bug to be fixed.

    As for a quick fix, I was able to solve the problem by first renaming all of the image files on the server by logging into my site with FTP. And then (and I would only recommend this if you are comfortable with working with a MySQL database) I searched all of the tables for the file names and descriptions that contained a quote and edited out the quote.

    Sorry for the late reply. I forgot to check it, and also forgot that there’s no email notifications on this forum. anway, warrisr. Thanks for the tip. I went ahead and changed the name in the sql db, and things seem to work. does anyone have any idea whether this bug has been fixed in 2.0.1?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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