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  • Hello, I encountered a problem with regular users Replying to posts with 3 replies/quotes or more. The submitted reply goes into thin air.

    Steps to reproduce:

    – Regular user goes to a post containing 3 replies or more
    – Click “Quote”
    – The “Reply To” text box appears with X number of replies surrounded by quote tag
    – In the text box, type some message after the quote stuff
    – Click “Submit”
    – Page refreshes but the post does not appear

    This does not happen to Admin users. I successfully tested up to 7 levels of quoted replies for Admin users. However, it breaks for regular users when replying with 3 quotes or more.

    Looking forward to a solution. Thanks!

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  • Hello Plugin Author, Following up for help. Thank you.

    Plugin Author Milan Petrovic


    Most likely this is caused by the limit in the HTML that regular users can post, and bbPress limits list of HTML tags and attributes that regular users can post. Since quote works on basically HTML in the content, bbPress will remove parts of it for regular users.

    My Pro plugin GD bbPress Toolbox Pro has a set of options to control what HTML attributes and tags regular users can use, and quote problems are not happening when that is used.

    You can check out the Pro version here:


    I have issues with the quotes as well, it follows a structure of all the user names first then their words after if one has multiple quoting of more than 1.

    Does paying for the pro service fix that? I will read the options of pro tonight and if I like a lot of options I will purchase

    Milan – Thanks for the answer to my original post.

    I also noticed that the Quote feature does not recognize hard returns / line breaks.

    Meaning, quoting an original post that contains multiple paragraphs or line breaks… will result in the quoted text appearing without any paragraph or line spacing formats… it’s all just 1 chuck of text.

    Does paying for the pro service also fix that?

    Actually, please ignore my above question. It might be images within quoted posts that is throwing off all the spacing. Thanks.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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