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  • Im having problems with how quotation marks are showing up.

    I’m creating a page that has text boxes in which you can copy and paste a code from a text box.

    Here is the page:

    The code is for an image. The problem is when i paste the code from the page, the “quotation marks” in the code show up backwards so it messes up the code and makes the picture not show up.

    But if i go outside wordpress to where i pasted the code and fix the quotations then it shows up correctly. I need to be able to paste that code from my site without the quotations being backwards.

    I hope this makes sense. any help would be great.

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  • It likely has to do with unescaped characters:

    <textarea rows="3" id="simple_select_all_textbox_577" class="select_all_textbox" onclick="SelectAll('simple_select_all_textbox_577');" style="width:400px"><a href=””><img src=”“></img> </textarea>

    Change to:

    <textarea rows="3" id="simple_select_all_textbox_577" class="select_all_textbox" style="width:400px" onclick="SelectAll('simple_select_all_textbox_577');"><a href=""><img src=""</textarea>

    Try: In your page or post, locate these lines and retype in plain text (do not paste from somewhere) in HTML view in the editor or in Notepad or ASCII text editor.

    (Just edited to remove one more and replace with dbl quote)

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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