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  • I was so happy with my first quiz (30 questions), but then, when there are too many users taking the quiz the site slows down and first you get “page does not exist” messages for just about any link/url/post/page you click including the page with the quiz and then yesterday, the whole site went down! Unreachable, blank, errorpage.

    Only solution was to change the quizzin-directory on the server, then the site worked again. And changing the name back made the plugin working again too. But this will happen again for sure.

    Does anybody has any idea how to solve/prevent this from happening? I love this quiz and so do my readers, so I don’t want to take it offline, I want to solve it. I just have no idea how, I’m not a programmer, just a user/blogger.

    I only need a simple quiz, question by question, showing a photo, asking what is this, then 4 possible answers. Tick an answer, show answer, go to next question, again and again until the end. Result. Finish. That’s it. (no registering, no emails, nothing)

    (the explanation-bit doesn’t work, which I can live with, but maybe this is already a hint why I have problems?)

    Can anybody please, please help me?

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  • It all seems to be one big accumulation of coincidences. You really wouldn’t believe it. But it seems now it all had nothing to do with the plugin or my actions fixing it (which seem to have effect).

    I wish I could delete the above post.
    Because I really don’t think there is anything wrong with this plugin.
    On the contrary, I love it for it’s simplicity.

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