• Hello,

    I am new to this plugin. I am using the latest version of WordPress (4.6.1) and Quiz And Survey Master (4.7.8).

    I have created a simple quiz with just one yes/no question.
    The quiz is set for registered only.
    I have disabled the form for asking Name / Email / Address etc.

    When I submit the quiz, it keeps on showing the loader and nothing happens.

    Pls help me out.

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  • Hey @ayandebnath

    Thank you for choosing to use this plugin! Would you be able to provide a link to your quiz so that I can debug the quiz?

    Also, right now, the only open bug report that affects loading the results page is a rare bug with the email system on certain servers. Can you go to the “Emails” tab of your quiz and turn both the Admin and User emails off to see if your quizzes begin loading so we can see if you are encountering this bug?

    Hi Frank,

    I am having the exact problem. I’m new to this plugin and just installed it yesterday (11-28-16). It is version 4.7.8. I disabled the admin and user email options even before completing the remaining quiz settings, so they aren’t a factor. The loader just keeps spinning, but no results page.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Update: The email settings are indeed the culprit. I thought I disabled them all, but didn’t. With all email settings disabled, the results page loads.

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    I can conform this working as @bstace suggested.
    @fpcorso pls fix this asap.

    @bstace and @ayandebnath Thank you for getting back to me. Unfortunately, I cannot replicate this issue on any of my live or test sites. Can you send me a screenshot of how you have your “Emails” settings and templates set up so that I can try to replicate this issue?

    Also, do you encounter this issue when you have admin emails turned on or user emails or both?

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    Dear @fpcorso

    Here is the test URL – http://bit.ly/2g1mZGW

    Email settings (almost default settings) –

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    Dear @fpcorso

    One more issue but it could be my settings issue.

    I want to set the quiz for registered users only. So, no need to ask for Name and Email again.
    But after the quiz, when I check the results, the result is missing Name and Email!

    Pls suggest.

    Hey @ayandebnath

    In your settings, I see the from email is set to just “W” and the reply setting is missing a value. Can you try changing the from email to a real email address and testing if that solves the issue? If it doesn’t can you try setting the reply setting to “No” or “Yes” to see if that solves the issue?

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