• Mikado


    I’ve used this plugin (premium version) in my project where it was implemented with Woocommerce plugin. The idea was to use few single forms but as a multistep registration – each form collected user’s data (in order to have contact data of the user to contact him when order was not payed or user leaved a registration process for example). Woocommerce part was build in a purpose to make reservation of a room, so after 2 pages with forms as a next step was shop page and items to choose on it, but next again form with more detailed personal details (adress, ID and so on). Before payment page was tenancy agreement displayed with dynamic content where I putted some details of current user which was stored by RegistrationMagic in a database. After form submission I’ve setted up a redirection to another page with a form in it or woocommerce page.
    The aim was achiewed, RegistrationMagic is quite useful and has a lot of useful features and rich users manager. The support team responds very quickly and resolved few of my problems during work. I would add some features but overall recommend this plugin.

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