• Thank you so much for investing all the time required into profilegrid and the extensions. Between all the plugins I have tested so far, it is the only one offering most of the features I ideally would like to see.

    Also, I very much like the fact, that profilegrid is under continued active development!

    For the future it would be great if you could enhance the support for those people (like me), who are keen to use the metadata from the user profile generated by profilgrid within other plugins of for special purposes.
    I believe many people would very much appreciate to have the option to call up a list (table) with the name of each the meta variable within the WP database, next to the type of data stored and the description of the data. My current “workaround” is to find the connection between the profilegrid Label and the real variable name of the user meta data inside the WP database by setting up a new E-Mail form, selecting the profilegrid generated variable I want to address by its clear name and paste its shortcode into the form, as I figured out that the shortcode copied in the form is actually giving you the WP user meta data variable name. 😉

    One more thing on my short-list 😉 I want to make the initial user-account generation as easy as possible, just asking for the user name and e-mail address initially, then sending the user a confirmation e-mail to validate his account and to set his/hers password. If I do this e.g. via a ajax modal popup, it works just nicely. The user gets the email as predefined within profilegrid, he can confirm his account and log in. Unfortunately, as he is not associated with a profilegrid usergroup, he can just edit/add the standard user data on the profilegrid profile page, but he gets an error, if he wants to edit any additional fields. It would thus be great to have the option, that a “default user group” is available to every registered user and does not require any additional approval by the admin or moderator, if it was not done via the profilegrid generated registration form.

    Best regards,

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    Hello Lars,

    Thank you for the review! We are too happy to know that our plugin fulfilled your requirements so perfectly. And yeah, ProfileGrid is definitely under continued active development and you might as well see the features you are looking for in an upcoming update pretty soon.

    Please note that inclusion of features in the plugin is based on user demand. Therefore, it might not be possible for me to give a timeline just yet. But we will mention the requested features in the plugin’s change log on WordPress.Org, as soon as they are included.

    We are all ears if there’s anything else you’d like us to know.

    Thanks once again! We greatly appreciate your feedback!

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