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  • i am trying to install wordpress on my mac locally and have followed all the instructions by installing through MAMP. the final instruction is confusing though. it reads:

    “Lastly, we’ve got to run WordPress’ famous 5-minute install. Visit your local site (localhost:port or localhost:port/wordpress), and enter the following information into the database setup form:

    database name: wordpress
    database host/server: localhost
    database user: root
    database password: root”

    so what does it mean to visit my local site? is that a url? is it somewhere on my mac?

    any help you can offer is appreciated.


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  • it is an URL. Simply open your webbrowser and goto http://localhost
    If this does not show anything this means that MAMP installed on another port which you can probably reach using http://localhost:8888 (this is also an URL)

    I wasn’t sure if you have successfully installed your WP or not, but what Umbercode said is true.

    === Some guide if you’re stuck with the installation

    In order to install WordPress on your mac using MAMP, first you have to go to:

    http://localhost/phpMyAdmin/ and follow the instructions below:

    1. Create a new database table (this is the database name)
    2. Next, click the Privilege tab and add a user
    3. Fill the details (this is the database user, database password) and for the Host, choose the Local from the dropdown (this is the database host/server: localhost)
    4. On the Global privileges, click all
    5. Then click “Go”

    Use this details to fill in the WP install.

    hi, thanks for the help but i’m still having very basic problems. none of the 3 links you both included above are taking me to a working site, so i am immediately at an impasse yet again. i appreciate the help and hope you can offer other suggestions.



    You have to start MAMP running in the background and then leave it running in order for localhost to work, as this loads all the Apache and PHP necessary for WordPress to function.

    The links above won’t take to you to a working WordPress install and site but should present you with a list of links to the sites you have installed on localhost, which you then need to click the link for the site you wish to view.

    i feel like this should be quite easy but it’s not. i have MAMP running and both servers are active, but none of the 3 links above take me to a working site. mamp tells me the local host is 8889, which i tried in the url instead of 8888 but still i’m getting nowhere. thanks again for your patience.

    You can go into the mamp setting and find the right url path. You can even change it there also.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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