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  • Hi all, first of all, happy hollidays!

    Second, I would like to share 🙂 with you my enthusiam for WordPress. I haven’t gone through all the aspect of it yet, (installed 2 days ago) but so far I must say this is a tight collective work guys!! Congratulation to all the people involved in this little masterpiece.

    It is well supported and well documentated, enough to give me few days of reading material and learning tips 🙂

    So far I am still going through the setup, but being a graphic artist, I focused right away on the design aspect and came to realize that almost complete control is given to the user that posseses a little bit of php,mysql,html,css knowledge. Even without, the site contains good tutorials on almost all the aspect I could think off.

    My post may sound like an advertisement, but fear not! it is my humble oppinion and my enthusiam urge to share my excitment for WordPress.

    Once again, Congrat. (laughingmonk is waving his hand with respect)


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  • PS to post above:

    For the curious the site using wordpress that I am working on will be launched in the next following days. Right now it is a different backend.

    Welcome to WordPress! Always nice to have another satisfied user around. ;)

    Let me continue the praise.

    I love the user roles feature. I can assign contributor or author roles to new and inexperienced writers, and give more rights (such as editor) to more experienced users. Using certain plugins I can even create custom roles for membership managers etc. I love this flexibility.

    The amount of available plugins is also huge and it is a huge bonus and the search for “new toys” is always so exciting!

    The admin interface is simple and efficient and elegant and even better with javascript based drop down menus (I heard that it is coming… although it’s already available as a plugin).

    I compared many blogs and cms’es before choosing WordPress. I chose WorPress because of it’s clean admin interface, clean looks, and plugins. I really appreciate the simplicity of WordPress! …although a few new admin features would not hurt, as you can see from my complaints that are all over the place 😉 But yeah, this is a great tool.

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