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  • Firs of all i want to say that i believe this plugin is worth, so i’m gonna donate 10 € to encourage the developer to continue doing such a good a job and to improve it a mucha as he can…
    And nw the review:

    I’d like the way it works, but it’s too simple. I’m gonna use it anyway, but i miss some features like:

    -To be able to add more fields, as much as you want, in the form.
    -To be able to select various categories.
    -To be able to use custom taxonomies.
    -To be able to use custom fields.

    Ah, and i’m from spain, and we use accents, but with this plugin accents are not display correctly… for example, if the word is Acción, it displays it like Acción.

    Anyway, as i said, i’m gonna donate because i believe in it and his developer.

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  • Hi Luquerias

    I have tried this plug in on the site and have found lots of issues with it. Do you have it working on your site? If so could you let me have the URL so i can see it working and perhaps discuss with you as to why it is not working on my site. I have had the guy have a look at the site and the last message i got from him was

    Unfortunately it sounds like the plugin isn’t a good fit. I recommend disabling and uninstalling asap. Hopefully there’s a more user-friendly solution available.

    Many thanks

    Hi, unfortunately it has only worked a few hours… after that time it started to gve issues… but i have another solution for posting posts, if you want contact me at luqueria at gmail dot com and i’ll give you the details… 🙂

    Sorry, it was luquerias at gmail dot com, not luqueria

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