• I checked almost all notification bar plugins and they all were horrible. Those with the best settings didn’t work, those who were primitive worked but usually have issues with Customizr theme (the bar was overlapping header) and lacked the ability to put the bar on the bottom of a site (where the overlapping issue is not relevant) or had no customization option for font sizes, etc.

    I didn’t have hopes for this plugin here. It also has issues with an overlapping header but it can be placed on the bottom. The bar looks better on pre-made layouts but they rarely fit into site design, while the custom look is not so nice, especially when I set just simple static bar with a color and text then the close button is ugly and not possible to customize aside colors.

    There are many areas where this plugin can be improved but in a free version, it offers a workable effect, especially that the competition fails miserably.

    So in overall, this is a positive surprise.

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