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  • dponce80


    Hi all. If I go to, my adsense loads perfectly. If, however, I go to, it doesn’t. I made it so that the ads would collapse if google didn’t know what to display.

    A while back, everything was fine. Then about two weeks ago, my host changed smthg on the servers.. and about the same time my Adsense got all screwy.

    I get the feeling the problem is at the host level. I tried contacting them, but, well, its a small company, and i guess the guy is out for the weekend. Is there anything I can do? I even emailed google… and, well, they’re pretty much useless.

    Please help.

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  • tomhanna


    Did you upgrade your browser or change some browser settings? I just checked your site in both Firefox (1.0.6) and Internet Explorer (6.something I don’t pay attention to since it’s IE) and it looks fine. I’m assuming the Adsense code is the little box in the upper right hand corner just over your blogads that collapses?

    And Adsense is a javascript, so I’d more suspect the browser than anything on the server.

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